Saturday, December 12, 2009

Scrapbook Blogger Scrapbooking Template

Scrapbook is a free Blogger scrapbooking template with a scrapbook style personal header. The Blogger template has a simple design and comes with 2 columns, a right sidebar, top menu, and search box. The color scheme is largely neutral with a white post area, woodgrain background and a dash of red for accent. This free Blogger template is suited to a scrapbooking blog along with an art blog, craft blog, handcraft blog or any other personal blog. Give your blog an individual look with this free Blogger scrapbook template.

Designed by Klodian

2 columns, right sidebar, search box, top menu

Scrapbook - Free Blogger Template for scrapbooking - 2 columns, right sidebar, top menu, search box, scrapbooking header

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Please note: This template is released under Creative Commons License. If you decide to use this template please do not remove the credits in the footer.

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