Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scrapbook Your Childhood and Remember

Scrapbooking your childhood memories can be very powerful. Writing things down and looking at old photos is a trigger for many memories to come flooding back. How easy these memories can get lost in the busyness of our lives. Why not capture these in a childhood memory album and preserve those memories for yourself and future generations to enjoy?

Getting Started

Choose a 12x12 album for this project. Chances are you have lots of pictures you want to include and a smaller album will limit you too much.

Start a timeline and place the most significant events of your life on it. Collect key photos that match various life events and experiences. Very likely you will be presenting your album chronologically but consider other ways to catalogue your memories such as themes. I have seen some wonderful albums created using themes such as my school, my friends, family vacations, our house etc.

Keep a notebook and take time to jot down memories as they come to you. What stories do others tell about you? Did you have favourite ones as a child? You may need to ask other family members for their thoughts and ideas. Once you get started you'll be surprised about how much comes back to you. Give this project some thought after all you are investing in you. If you do I'm sure you'll be pleased with the result.

Journalling starters to get you thinking about your childhood

Your earliest memory, your house(s), your room, holidays and vacations, schools, neighbours, family members, friends, favourite hobbies and pasttimes, achievements, clubs, sports, memorable people, favourite foods, favourite songs, favourite toys and belongings, favourite clothes.

This article has provided some practical advice to get you started on a memory album of your childhood including journalling starters, timelines, album choice.

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