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10 Ways to Add Handwritten Journaling to Scrapbooking Pages

In today's article I am going to suggest some creative ways to include handwritten journaling on your scrapbooking pages. Don't worry if your handwriting is untidy or a bit messy what is important is that you let your personality shine through. You can tell a lot about a person from their handwriting. Handwritten journaling gives such a personal flair to pages that it would be a shame for future generations looking at your scrapbooking pages to miss out on this unspoken legacy. Rest assured they will treasure your handwriting just as much as your photos and memories.

How to Add Handwritten Journaling to Scrapbooking Pages

  1. Dates, Place Name or Event Name
    If you are not used to including handwritten journaling on your scrapbooking pages then it may seem a bit daunting. I suggest to get over this hump you start small. Add the date in your own handwriting or perhaps the place name or name of the event. If you are not ready to put the whole of your journaling in your own handwriting then a combination of handwritten journaling and computer text on a scrapbooking layout can look good too.

  2. Write on the Background
    Create your own patterned scrapbooking paper by writing on the background or in the blank spaces around your photos.

  3. Write in a shape or line
    If you want to add visual effect to your scrapbooking pages write in a shape or line. A handwritten line that wanders across the page can look stunning. Handwriting on circles, swirls or other fun shapes is visually pleasing too. turn the paper as you write for a whimsical effect.

  4. Write on a Frame or Mat
    You can add extra flair to your pages by framing the photos on a page with your own written words. Try this technique by writing on a photo mat, frame or the white border around the photo.

  5. Include a Handwritten Letter, Poem, Musings or Personal Narrative
    Write a letter, poem, or personal account of an event or happening in your own handwriting that can be included right on the scrapbooking page.

  6. Include Pockets, Folded Cards or Matchbooks
    Using scrapbooking pockets, folded cards, matchbooks are all space saving ways of adding more handwritten journaling to your scrapbooking layouts. Write your journaling by hand on a piece of coordinating cardstock and place it in a pocket on the page. Make a matchbook out of double sided cardstock and staple your handwritten message on coordinating cardstock inside the matchbook. Your journaling will remain hidden from view unless viewers of your scrapbooking pages remove the pocket or open up the card or matchbook. More on how to create a matchbook

  7. Write an Index Page
    A handwritten index page at the start of your scrapbook is a way to add more of your handwriting to your pages. Include facts like where, when, what, how, how long and of course who. Adding a handwritten index page is a simple way to include more of your handwriting in a scrapbook.

  8. Write a Dedication Page
    Like an index page a dedication page can contain a lot of extra information that you may not want to include on your scrapbooking pages. A dedication page appears at the end of your scrapbook pages and includes details about the dates the album was mades, who it is dedicated to and the name of the author.

  9. Transform Your Handwriting into a Computer Font
    If you want to do a lot of journaling on your pages yet keep your lines straight you can still preserve the human touch by turning your handwriting into a font using an online program such as Fontifier

  10. Add Handwriting Using Free Cursive Fonts
    Scrapbookers who want to personalize their scrapbooking layouts can use computer generated cursive fonts that mimic handwriting. You will find free cursive fonts to download at websites like

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