Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scrapbook Extra Resources for Blogger Templates

Did you know that scrapbook resources like post dividers, sidebar menu sets, backgrounds and headers are available for your Blogger scrapbooking blog? It is simple and easy to add scrapbook style post dividers, sidebar menu sets, backgrounds and headers to your existing Blogger template to lend style to your blog.

Blogger Minima Template with Shabby Blogs Farm Fresh Background installed
I have been out on the net again and found a great resource for scrapbook bloggers who want to add extras to their Blogger blog. Shabby Blogs have the following scrapbooking Blogger resources to download free:

  • 16 free scrapbook post dividers for Blogger
  • 18 free scrapbook headers for Blogger
  • 6 free scrapbook sidebar menu sets for Blogger
  • 70+ free scrapbook backgrounds for Blogger

Full instructions on how to add a background and how to add a post divider to your Blogger blog (Blogspot blog) are given by Shabby blogs.

Post Divider example 1
Post Divider example 2
Post Divider example 3

Also on offer are sidebar menu title tags like this Everything Collection set:

Shabby Blogs Sidebar Menu Set - Everything Collection Example
If you want to replace your blog's header Shabby blogs give you the option of either photo or text headers:

Hope you have fun with these Blogger resources. Enjoy!

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